What makes senso.cloud better than other Safeguarding Solutions?

In 2001, our founder created the very first Internet Safeguarding solution that later became the market leading solution globally and used in more UK Secondary schools than any other similar solution.  In 2015, he left his business and created senso.cloud which incorporates newer and more robust technology than any solution currently available.

Even though senso was first started in 2015, it is backed by decades of knowledge gained by our founder and many of our staff actually working in schools.  By the time other providors copy us and build their own cloud based solution, we can not only say we were the first, but we will be the most mature and proven.

Designed with the UK Government Prevent duty, UK Safer Internet Centre, the UK Department for Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance and with keyword and URL lists from the Internet Watch Foundataion(IWF), our next generation cloud-based safeguarding module aids schools in fulfilling their legal duty of care around online safety and safeguarding. Backed by Microsoft’s read-access redundant storage service, your safeguarding logs are replicated to ensure maximum durability and high availability across their ultra-secure data-centres.

What are the benefits for Safeguarding Staff?

  • Comprehensive keyword Lists
  • Report across one or more schools centrally
  • Secure, read only logs
  • Roles based access rights

Violation Dashboard



With a top level overview of all violations across a single or multiple site setup, Senso is able to deliver unparalleled insight into users actions and behaviour.

One click drill down improves speed and effectiveness to get to the core of the problem as quickly as possible.

pblock image

Violation Logs



Designed to allow the review of violations to be slick and seamless, with multi violation select options for batch status and next action changes.


Sort and search functions allow for instant drill downs to allow for the focus to be on an individual, phrase, machine, and date to name but a few.




Application Logs



The time when you could just change a file name to bypass the application block list has now gone.

Senso registers and captures the applications hash, allowing for a ban to stay banned.

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Website Logs




Capture searches and browsing history of users and machines across your estate.

Caption Logs



Senso will capture all active windows on a users desktop, supporting a 360 degree view of activity across a designated period.

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Activity Logs




User activity is captured from logon to shutdown, capturing such things as suspicious logon and logoff on critical services, servers, workstations and network devices.

As well as identifying privileged account abuse, showing up unauthorised software installations and data transfers.


“Senso.cloud is the only product that can manage our clients through cloud and allows us to support users working at home! Senso is developing amazingly fast with lots of new exciting features and will soon be a tool that we cannot be without to do our jobs! ”

IT Manager, Southall School, UK

“Senso.cloud has proven to be a more reliable and sensible solution for my school district to help facilitate my network management needs. ”

Lisa Nelson, Technology Director, Douglass ISD, Texas

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