What makes senso.cloud a great Safeguarding Solution?

In 2001, our founder created the very first Internet Safeguarding solution that later became the market leading solution globally and was used in more UK Secondary schools than any other similar solution. In 2015, Jon left his previous business and created senso.cloud which incorporates newer and more robust technology than any solution currently available.

Even though senso was first started in 2015, it is backed by decades of knowledge gained by our founder and many of our staff who actually worked in schools. Senso is the first ever truly cloud based network, classroom and safeguarding solution in the world!

Designed with the UK Government Prevent duty, UK Safer Internet Centre, the UK Department for Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance and with keyword and URL lists from the Internet Watch Foundataion(IWF), our next generation cloud-based safeguarding module aids schools in fulfilling their legal duty of care around online safety and safeguarding. Backed by Microsoft’s read-access redundant storage service, your safeguarding logs are replicated to ensure maximum durability and high availability across their ultra-secure data-centres.

What are the benefits for Safeguarding Students and Staff?

  • Comprehensive keyword Lists
  • Report across one or more schools centrally
  • Secure, read only logs
  • Roles based access rights

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